If you are a user of Gravity Forms, the Gravity Forms Connect extension is a great way to create new records in WP-CRM System as soon as your site visitors hit Send. 

To do this, you will need to have Gravity Forms installed and activated. Gravity Forms is a premium form plugin for WordPress, which can be purchased separately through the Gravity Forms website. Any of their licenses are supported.

Create a New Form

If you do not have an existing form created, you can easily create one by clicking Forms > New Form. Alternatively, you can edit an existing form. Your forms are not limited to creating just one type of record so you can use a lead generation form to create new contacts and opportunities in WP-CRM System. When you create or edit a form, you will need to make sure that there is a field for any required fields depending on the record you are trying to collect. Required fields include:

  • Organizations: Organization name
  • Contacts: First and last name
  • Opportunity: Opportunity name
  • Project: Project name
  • Task: Task name
  • Campaign: Campaign name

Configure WP-CRM System Gravity Form Connect

Now that you have the form set up, you will need to map the Gravity Form fields to WP-CRM System's fields. This process is fairly straightforward. On the Forms page, select WP-CRM System under Settings for the form you want to use to collect data. 

On the next screen you will want to click the "Add New" button to create a new feed. 

Next, choose an action from the drop down menu. An action is what you want the form to do after a visitor clicks the submit button. Possible actions include creating an organization, creating a contact, creating an opportunity, creating a project, creating a task, or creating a campaign. 

Finally, map the fields in your form to the data fields in WP-CRM System. This process only involves selecting a field in your form next to the applicable field in WP-CRM System. 

Optionally, if you only want to collect data only if certain conditions exist on your form, you can use conditional logic to tell the feed when it should be triggered. For example, if you are using the form to collect contact information and only want contacts with their phone number filled in, you can set the logic to only collect the data if the phone number field is not empty. 

Create Multiple Feeds

If you want to collect more data, you can configure multiple feeds on each form. This would allow you to create a contact and an opportunity from a lead generation form, for example.

Automatically Create New Records

When assigning a Contact to an Organization, that organization needs to exist in WP-CRM System  before the contact can be assigned to it. The same goes for assigning Tasks to Projects, and a number of other similar relationships. 

When you create your feeds there are a select number of fields that will automatically create a new record if one doesn't already exist. 

For example, when creating a feed to create a new Contact, one of the fields you can map is for "Organization". If a new contact fills out the form and enters an organization that is not currently in your WP-CRM System records a new organization will be created with the name that was entered in that field. If an organization with the same name already exists in your WP-CRM System, a new organization won't get created but the contact will get linked to that organization. 

A number of other similar field relationships like that exist in the plugin. There are tooltips indicated by a ? icon next to the field that will let you know what will happen when a certain field is filled in.